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Jan - 03

Interchangeable Polyurethane Screen

Popular polyurethane screen Pleased to say, Aipu Solids Control is able to provide interchangeable urethane screen sized 1044x702mm. The popular size including 0.075~1mm. Aipu has received clients’ oral feedback on our replacement. They are rather satisfied with the quality, appearance,…

Oct - 19
screen cloth

Size Of Solids And Screen

Sand is defined as particles larger than 74 microns (200 mesh). Particles in the 2 to 74 micron range are called silt. API barite and API hematite have size specifications set by API Spec. 13A

Oct - 12

AIPU Hook Strip Flat Screen

Hook Strip Flat Screen The most common kind of Shale Shaker Screen, widely used in different conditions of drilling operation.AIPU Hookstrip Flat Panel Screen is the most common kind of Shale Shaker Screen, can be widely used in different conditions of drilling…

Sep - 21
flat shaker screen image

Main Types Of Shale Shaker Screen On Market Nowadays

There are varied shale shaker screens manufactured by different solids removal equipment company on market nowadays . The screens of shaker are typically totally different in either dimension or screen structure or material. So for choose the proper screens to…

Sep - 06
vsm 300

How to Select Correction Shaker Screens

As everyone knows,  shale shaker screen is the critical parts or spare parts for shaker of drilling mud system. For drilling fluid shale shaker,Shaker screen is a key factor in determining the success of your controlling mud and cuttings,so select correction…

Jan - 16
KPT shaker screen

KemTron KTL 48 Shaker Screen Replacement

Kemtron is a professional producer on solids control equipment. The KemTron KTL 48 shaker screen is for their KTL-48 Tango shaker. Kemtron KTL48 series shale shaker have double layer shaker decks. So the shaker screen for KTL48 shaker also have…