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Mar - 02

Polyurethane Screen At AIPU

Pleased to say, Aipu is able to provide interchangeable replacement urethane screen sized 1044x702mm. The popular size including 0.075~1mm. Aipu has received clients’ oral feedback on our replacement. They are rather satisfied with the quality, appearance, and the non blanked…

Jan - 11

How To Evaluate Shaker Screen Quality

There are many shaker screen manufacturers that produce various series of screens of various brands in today’s society. High quality shaker screen will optimize solids control efficiency finally cutcosts for whole well drilling. Aipu quality screen at economical cost is the best…

Dec - 28

Professional Shaker Screen Producer

Shaker screen Shaker screen is the screen panel on shale shaker. It is important part for shale shaker.Screen panels remove or filter particles larger than opening size.Under shaker vibration, the coarser drilled solids will be separated out of drilling mud.…

May - 13

Hot Selling Replacement VSM 300 Screens At Aipu

V300 replacement screens information There are different dimensions screen panel for VSM300 shaker. V300 screen replacement is the screen panel for NOV Brandt VSM300 shale shaker. There are primary, scalping and secondary panels on 3 decks. However, the most popular one is the…

Apr - 10

Mongoose Shaker Screen Replacement at AIPU

Mongoose shaker screen replacement Mongoose shaker screen replacement are for Mongoose PRO, Mongoose PT shale shaker, or MEERKAT shakers. The original Mongoose series shaker screens are framed one under pre-tension technique. Including the steel frame and composite frame ones. Such screens were mounted…