Replacement Shaker Screens For Derrick With API RP13C Test Report

Apr - 16

Replacement Shaker Screens For Derrick With API RP13C Test Report

Aipu able to produce various kinds of replacement shaker screen for different makes and models shaker.

Aipu shaker screen introduction

We, Aipu solids control has 18 years experience manufacturing shale shaker screen. Our Screen has been tested under API RP13C.

Our engineers and design professionals can help supply shale shaker screen with a variety of mesh ranges for certain application during whole well drilling process. We are able to produce various kinds of replacement shaker screen for different makes and models shaker. Pleased to say we are professional manufacturer on replacement screen for Derrick, Brandt, SWACO and so on

PMD500 shaker screen

Below sheet is for your reference to confirm possible demand. They are API size normally used

D100 Cut Point (Microns)API Designation
>780-925API 20
>655-780API 25
>550-655API 30
>462.5-550API 35
>390-462.5API 40
>327.5-390API 45
>275-327.5API 50
>231-275API 60
>196-231API 70
>165-196API 80
>137.5-165API 100
>116.5-137.5API 120
>98-116.5API 140
>82.5-98API 170
>69-82.5API 200
>58-69API 230
>49-58API 270
>41.5-49API 325
>35-41.5API 400

How do Aipu replacement Derrick shaker screens look like?

Most of Aipu shaker screen sales are repeat orders from former clients who ever tested our screen panels. They are pleased with our screens since the great appearance, good package, high performance, durable quality, as well as the cost-efficiency

Some clients will tell, our screen price is much higher. Please do trust, different leveled cost will lead different level of quality. Aipu replacement shaker screen are great appearance on aspects, the screen cloth surface, the detail of plate, the backside rubber, and so on. 

API screen information

API screen means the shaker screen mesh size conform to API RP13C. We know there are so many different models and makes of screen.

For API shaker screen information . Mainly including the cut point, conductance, non blanked area. But the key issue is the cut point. The cut point reflects how big solid can be filtered out of drilling fluid. API number of shaker screen indicates a range of drilling cuttings will be separated out completely.

For example, API 140 screen means this screen can filter particles 98-116.5 microns out. So, we found DX175 and HP180 mesh designation are both API 140 conformance. Furthermore, DX and HP mesh configuration are available fro almost replacement shaker screen. That means, API screen size won’t be affected by shaker screen makes or model

Different mesh with same API number

API RP 13C aimed to give a clear and standard guidance on screen selection and exchange. Different shaker screen manufacturer will fabricate screens with different mesh configuration. And they will have certain part name or part number.

Take NOV Brandt RDH 280 as example, and the M-I SWACO XR270. They are different mesh size of different shaker screen model. However, they are both same API 140 as DF-A140 and DX-A140. May many users say, they do have other different designation, such as the exact cut point, the non blanked area and the conductance.

Just as we talked before, API size mainly and generally give us a standard cut point range. There is no exact standard tell us how much conductance or non blanked area.

If any demand, feel free to contact us. You can also require a sample for free.I firmly believe that cooperating with us, you’ll find that we are different from other suppliers and you don’t need to spend energy time to seek other suppliers.