VFD Drilling Waste Management Equipment Screw Conveyor With 15KW Motor

Apr - 08

VFD Drilling Waste Management Equipment Screw Conveyor With 15KW Motor

Introduction of screw conveyor

APLS Screw conveyor is popular in the oil gas industry for transfer the drilling cuttings to feed to the cuttings dryer,and cuttings colletction box. It’s a combination of motor and gearbox, the screw balde and the U shape or circular channel. The auger feeder is another reference of the screw conveyor. There are fixe speed and VFD one. For the design, there are the horizontal with 0° incline or a cerain angle according to clients’ requirement. Difference will be the leg height at ends.

What is the structure of screw conveyor?

It including but not limited to following items. The motor, the gear box, the coupling, the channel, the impeller or blade, the grade or sheet cover, the support leg or frame. If necessary, there is control panel.

Some clients need the screw conveyor to perform at variable frequency. The the VFD can be achieved by control panel, also can be achieved by a mechnical way. Based on different clients’ preference, there are horizontal direction gear box and the vertical direction gear box. The gear box can be the helical bevel or the helical worm and wheel type.

Types of screw conveyor

Scew conveyr for domestic project

According to the characteristics and structure of conveying materials, screw conveyors include horizontal screw conveyors, vertical screw conveyors, bendable screw conveyors, and spiral tube (roller conveyor) conveyors.

Main components of screw conveyor

Conveyor body, material inlet and outlet and driving device are composed of three parts.

Application of the screw conveyor

Screw conveyor are widely used in various industries, such as building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, coal coal, food and other industries

Maintenance of screw conveyor

1. Lubricate the transmission parts such as bearings, gears and chains regularly.
2. After the box conveyor is out of service, check the wear of the spiral blades, and repair welding when the wear is serious.
3. The conveying volume must not be overloaded, otherwise the material will not be discharged, causing the screw shaft to bend and the box to swell.
4. When the conveyed medium has a high degree of depression, pay attention to whether the expansion and contraction of the box body is free and there is no stuck place, and if there is any, solve it quickly.
5. When the conveyor is in operation, if the noise is harsh, the cover should be checked to eliminate the fault.

Why use APLS screw conveyor?

As a professional manufacturer of solids control, we know better about the job site. We know how to design and configure an auger feeder is more convenient for users’ operation. And from the raw material of steel to the different standard components (motors, gearbox) we select the high quality and excellent performance product

AIPU provide the optimal proposal for all of clients. Most of our orders place repeat orders since the reliable quality and stable performance. If you don’t select us you may face risks of higher cost on operation or maintenance.

APLS Screw conveyor features

Compact design with small foot print.
Stable and reliable performance.
Flexible design on input and output port.
Easy to operate and maintain.
Gear box and motor are top brand with high quality.
Custom built available per actual requirement.

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